The Hosts

Max Paley

Max Paley is a senior at Georgetown University studying English and minoring in Film from Long Island, New York. He became interested in David Shick’s case after hearing about its connection to the Georgetown Day event that one of the organizations he is involved with plans and executes. Max is a fan of true crime and storytelling, so this project is a great combination of these two interests. Upon graduating in May 2023, Max plans to attend law school.

Yana Gitelman

Yana Gitelman is a sophomore at Georgetown University studying Culture and Politics with a concentration in Migration, Gender, and Labor and a minor in Jewish Civilization. She became interested in David Shick’s story after stumbling across it when researching for a class project. She is interested in archives and what they obscure in the process of presenting certain narratives, and the coverage of and response to David’s death offers a particularly interesting case study of this phenomenon.